Unbreakable glasses

Reusable drinkware for every moment and occasion.

Unbreakable moments

We love to introduce you to our wide range of unbreakable glasses. Together with our partner HappyGlass, we offer this new summer array of unbreakable glasses made out of durable copolyester Tritan. This is an eco-friendly material that can be reused many, many times and is 100% recyclable.

Three new variants

Gin and tonic

A reusable glass made out of copolyester. This high stemmed eye-catcher is perfect for serving your favourite gin and tonic! With a capacity of 63cl there’s plenty of room left in the glass to finish your drink off with ice and botanicals.


A classic unbreakable wine glass with a smooth feel to serve your customers in style. Wether it’s a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or tempranillo it is you’re serving. This glass does justice to any wine! It has a content of 47 cl, which opens possibilities for serving cocktails in it aswell.


The hurricane is a 40 cl beer glass that’ll be your best friend during any event. Perfect to serve cool fresh tapped beer during sunny days. We also have a variant of 50 cl for when the party is really taking off!

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