Elevate your buffet with our S-Cube and S-Plank

Build high or low, combine and design yourself. The sky is the limit for your buffet.

Buffet design revolutionised

S-Cubes are small, stackable anti-slip blocks. You can stack as much as you want on top of each other (although we recommend max. 4) to create multiple levels in your buffet. This opens up new ways of designing your buffet. Anywhere you desire, you can put an item in the spotlight by raising its level or simply because it looks more appealing when elevated.

S-Cubes will make your buffet sparkle ✨

Complementary presentation tray

The S-Plank was specifically designed for our S-Cubes. The presentation trays are very lightweight despite what their appearance suggests, the weight makes them easier to use in day-to-day services. The S-Plank comes in many different patterns and sizes, suited for many occasions. Designing buffets will never have been so fun as with the S-Cube and S-Plank.

How does it work

1. Take two S-Cubes

2. Slide one S-Cube into the other to create a little tower

3. Push until the blocks fit firmly

4. Make 4 towers of the desired height

5. Place your S-Plank on top of the S-Cubes


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