About us

Often in a hotel, restaurant or contract catering establishment, the customer’s perception of the organisation is greatly influenced by the first things they see and feel. Customers cannot fail to notice what is placed in front of them. In other words, the tray or tumbler can literally make or break the customer’s experience.

That where we want to enhance your customer's experience with impeccable products for food serving. 

European production as guarantee for quality

A sturdy, stylish tray, an unbreakable tumbler or plate enhances the customer experience in your restaurant, bar, canteen or hospital. That’s a statement we and our partners all agree on & which gave us food for thought. EPIQ, European Partners in Quality, was launched in 2017. Why? To offer our customers a wide range of products that stand for 100% quality and are produced on European soil. In this way, we guarantee products that are always surprising in terms of quality and finish.

Experience and passion, for more than 55 years

Roltex has celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2020. We look back on significant project achievements and the close working relationships forged with our customers. We believe that our personal approach to business rewards us with greater results year on year. Our anniversary is more than a look back on the past, it’s the starting point for future innovation and growth. We are investing in robotic technology, innovative new product ranges and reinforced our sales & marketing teams.

Innovation in products and production

It is always a great honour to introduce new products. Mainly because these innovations are often the result of a strong passion that is a characteristic of all our employees. The Puro series within Earth tray, the Dura series within polyester and our beautiful AQUA and extensive take-away series in the unbreakable range are only a small part of our total offer. Discover everything on our website, make an appointment with our sales or book a meeting in our showroom and get to know our unique products, 100% produced in Europe.

We love to serve you

Whether our contact is a customer, dealer or supplier, we want to serve you.

It has always been our top priority, but now we want to spell it out to emphasise that this is what we, as a company and as individual people, stand for. We want to put YOU first and we promise to serve you with the best advice, service and products as quickly as possible.

Our team

None of the above would have been possible if it wasn't with our amazing team. Approx 35 people are working on a fulltime base to create, produce, storytell and many more. We have a passionate team in a family setting where you can easily walk in and out as yourself. After months of hard working, we gather around for a lovely paella afternoon in summer and an unforgettable kick-off party at the beginning of each year. Roltex loves to serve you as well as their employees.

Team be proud was created in 2019 with 5 main pillars on which we built as a team.


Passion for innovation


Respect for people and nature.


Open communication for everyone.


Unique in design & customer experience


One shared destination