Twin product launch

Nothing beats the all-in, meet our Twin: polyester tray with your logo and antislip surface.

Are you ready for an improved design of a Roltex innovation? Meet the best of both worlds in polyester: logo + antislip. Start choosing your favourite size, quality & colour and send us your design. Our designer lab will create a visualisation of your tray and help you creating the strongest tray on which you can rely for many years of serving.

Let us add a transparent nonslip layer on top of the personalised polyester serving tray and give your customers an entire experience during breakfast, lunch or dinner. And ensure your customers, and little customers, to not have to contend with a slipping and sliding experience when walking to their seats.

Our marketing team’s favourite
“I need to say there are many trays I love! For polyester it will definitely be our Grain tray range. They all have this amazing smooth, matt surface and edges that feel and look very natural. I love him in black, especially the ½ GN for my toddler and the 1/1 GN for myself. With the nonslip surface and a fun print on top, we can almost dance to our seats.”

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