Day care

At 'De Bengeltjes' in Belgium, these lovely children eat their meal with our unbreakable tableware.

We recently paid a visit to De Bengeltjes, a medium-sized day nursery that prides itself on its strong family atmosphere and a high degree of flexibility. Then recently started using our unbreakable and safe tableware and cutlery. We put one or two questions to Jonathan Van Mieghem, who owns De Bengeltjes, and Elke Uytersprot, one of his staff. Jonathan and Elke told us about their experience with Roltex's high-quality bowls, drinking cups and spoons:
"Our tableware and cutlery have to be coloured, convenient and safe. The dishes we used to have were flat-edged so, as you can imagine, mealtimes often ended up being a real mess. The spoons broke very quickly and, consequently, were not very safe. Thanks to the high-sided bowls and unbreakable spoons from Roltex, all this is now a thing of the past! We are really pleased to be able to place the Roltex products available in different colours in the microwave oven and dishwashers without having to worry. It creates a much better and livelier atmosphere!

"As you are bound to have cups and bowls falling on the floor from time to time, knowing the tableware is unbreakable is an added bonus. The clearly high-quality Roltex products are really resistant to rough treatment."

“The high-sided bowls prevent the children from splashing stuff all over the place and it makes it easier for them to eat.”

As well as being convenient, Roltex products are unbreakable and suitable for the dishwasher and microwave ovens. The different colours available help to create a cheerier atmosphere and stimulate children's appetites. Lunchtime is also a pleasure for difficult eaters.

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